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kumkum bhagya written update 14 February 2020: Riya manipulate Saloni

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kumkum bhagya written update 14 February 2020 Riya manipulate Saloni by telling that Prachi is taking my boyfriend as Maya is taking yours

In kumkum bhagya written update When Prachi and Riya collide in the library, Riya has scolded Prachi a lot and then leaves. While Abhishek is going through the road, he sees flowers, so he remembers Pragya that I too should be bought flowers for Pragya on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. 

So he goes to Pragya’s house after buying flowers, where Pragya brought him when he was drunk. But Pragya is not there, so he leaves the flower there. 

kumkum bhagya 14 February 2020 written update
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Ranbir and Prachi are talking among themselves when they get a call from Saloni that I have found the girl. So if you meet me behind the college, then Ranbir and Prachi start going to behind the college to meet Saloni.

kumkum bhagya written update 13 February 2020

Vikram comes to meet Pragya in Sarita’s house and he makes an offer to Pragya that I also have a business of hotels. But that is not going very well, so you can make coffee for customers in the cafeteria in my hotel there.

Because my wife has praised you so much that you make very good coffee. So Pragya then tells Vikram to give me a little time to think, then I tell you. And Vikram then goes back from there telling them all this.

kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020

After Vikram leaves, Sarita tells Prachi’s mother Pragya where we went to Mehrauli on the occasion of marriage. I have left some of my belongings there, so bring you. Pragya then starts going back to the same house.

So that she can bring the goods but there is also Abhi there, yet both of them do not meet. But Pragya finds Abhishek’s flowers there and seeing those flowers, Pragya remembers Abhishek and starts thinking about him.

By the time Ranbir and Prachi arrive at the place where Saloni has called them, Saloni has left from there. Then Ranbir gives Prachi exercises on the occasion of Valentines Day, Prachi is very happy to see this.

Riya is watching all this, she is very angry. Actually, Riya has said to Saloni that Prachi is taking my boyfriend as Maya did with your boyfriend. That is why Saloni agrees to listen to Riya and then says that I will support you.

kumkum bhagya written update 11 February 2020

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