Home tv shows kumkum bhagya written update 17 February 2020: Prachi and Ranvir plan

kumkum bhagya written update 17 February 2020: Prachi and Ranvir plan


In kumkum bhagya written update Pragya is thinking about Abhishek’s flowers if he is angry with me. So why did he bring me flowers? She then calls Vikram so that she can get another Purav number. 

Because when Pragya is trying to call Purav, his number is not reachable. Vikram tells Pragya that Purav has gone to Italy for a business trip, so he cannot talk to him right now. Then Pragya disconnects the phone and takes Abhishek’s flowers and comes back to his house.

kumkum bhagya written update 14 February 2020

Ranveer and Prachi are looking for Saloni but they cannot find Saloni. So Ranveer goes back to his class. But as soon as Prachi starts going to her class, Prachi is heard talking about Maya. Because she is going to meet someone, she picks Ranbir from class and starts chasing Maya.

But as Maya goes to meet Riya at the mall, Prachi and Ranveer also follow Maya to the mall. When Prachi reaches back home with Abhishek’s flowers, Sarita asks who gave these flowers. So Prachi tells Sarita the whole thing and then they both keep talking among themselves. 

When Sahana also comes there again, Sahaana asks Sarita who has got this flower? Sarita says in the lie that these are for me. Then Sarita and Sahana are going to fight with each other. So Sahana goes inside the room after fighting Sarita.

kumkum bhagya written update 13 February 2020

When Maya starts talking to Riya at the mall, Prachi and Ranbir also come there. When both of them are fighting with each other, then both Maya and Riya see them. Riya then pulls Maya to the trial room and asks her there what the problem is, why are you calling me here. So Maya says that I am going to get engaged. 

And if the boy I am getting engaged to knows all this, then this marriage will never happen. So Maya tells Riya that I will not do this work at all. Till then Sarita comes out of the room to shop with Sahana, but Riya closes the door from inside. But Riya gets scared after hearing the voice of both of them.

Then Riya and Maya cleverly get out. But Maya tells Riya that you go ahead for a while so that no one can be suspicious. And Riya does the same but she sees Ranbir and Prachi talking to each other. That we have to find the girl who is supporting Maya today. 

So Riya sends a  message to Maya that you don’t come to me because Ranbir and Prachi are standing here. But Maya’s phone accidentally falls from her and the phone gets switch off. So Riya does not read the message and she starts moving straight towards Riya.

kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020

Ranbir and Prachi see Maya and Riya talking among themselves. Then Ranbir and Prachi feel that Riya must be scolding Maya because Riya too does not like Maya at all. Sarita and Sahana see Ranbir and Prachi together, then Prachi takes Ranbir to the side. Despite Sarita and Sahana knowing everything, Sarita takes Sahana towards the house in a taxi.

Ranveer and Prachi find out that there is going to be a huge function in Maya’s house. So they plan that we will go to Maya’s house to find out what is going on in this house.



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