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kumkum bhagya written update 18 February 2020: Prachi new plan for truth

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kumkum bhagya written update 18 February 2020 Prachi new plan to find the truth from Maya so that they prove Ranveer innocent from molestation case
kumkum bhagya 18 February 2020 written update
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In kumkum bhagya written update, Ranveer and Prachi go to Maya’s house. And they find out that Maya’s engagement is going to happen and her future husband’s father is a politician.

kumkum bhagya written update 11 February 2020

At the same time, Ranbir and Prachi make a plan that we will go to Maya and fear that if she does not listen to us. Then we will go to her family and tell her what she has done for the money. Till then Sahana and Aryan also come there and Prachi and Ranveer explain their plan to them too.

Alia tells Riya that this problem of Prachi is getting worse day by day, we have to take it seriously. Then Alia advises Riya that if Prachi is keeping an eye on Maya then you keep an eye on Prachi what is her next plan?

kumkum bhagya written update 12 February 2020

Pragya Sahana and Prachi come to Vikram’s hotel to start their cafeteria there. Abhishek tells Aaliya in the room that you should teach Riya the right things. Aaliya also agrees with Abhishek’s words.

Ranveer comes to her house to take Prachi, and then they both fight among themselves. Thereafter, both of them go to Maya’s house so that they can find out where the Maya engagement is.

In the hotel, Pragya, Sahana, and Sarita are together decorating the hotel. Then Vikram comes there and he praises those people that a big mistake was made by my staff. But thanks for everything you have handled.

kumkum bhagya written update 13 February 2020

Prachi and Ranveer are coming in the car when their vehicle collides with Abhishek’s vehicle narrowly. Then they start making excuses in front of Abhishek but they get stuck in them that we have to go to Vikram’s hotel.

So Abhishek says that I also have to go there, then you come with me and then come go in Abhishek’s car, and they start walking towards Vikram’s hotel.

Ranveer and Prachi start fighting in front of Abhishek and say that it is not my fault it is their fault. Riya comes to the venue told by Maya to give her a diamond necklace.

But she comes to know that Maya’s engagement is in Vikram’s hotel and now a lot of problems are going to happen here. Sarita and Riya start fighting amongst themselves, then Pragya comes to calm their fight.

kumkum bhagya written update 14 February 2020

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