kumkum bhagya written update 2 March 2020


In kumkum bhagya written update Ranveer and Prachi are trapped in the library. And they are talking to each other about how we will get out of this. Then after that Ranveer and Prachi spend quality time.

kumkum bhagya written update 28 February 2020

Riya and Maya are fighting amongst themselves and Riya tells Maya how dare you to say this. Then Maya threatens Riya and says that whatever you say, I will marry Ranbir now. Riya then tells Maya that I have proof against you. 

But Maya rebukes Riya and says that I too have proof against you. And if I speak, I will convince my father and mother, but how will you convince your father? You will be very insulted in college and house as well. Later Maya leaves from there.

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Prachi and Ranbir start making loud noises from the door in the library, then Peon comes there. And there he hears their voice and after that, he takes them out both from there. When Riya sees them both together, she gets very angry. 

And she starts going outside, then her friends meet her outside, then after that Riya tells them the whole thing. So her friend encourages her and says that you don’t worry, whenever you need us, we are there for you.

kumkum bhagya written update 26 February 2020

Prachi is thinking about Ranbir. She then puts the video in which Ranbir had said that whatever I did on Lohri night was all done to impress Prachi. So Prachi listens to it and then they start quarreling with each other. But Prachi then later says that I am sleepy and she falls asleep. 

Ranbir is thinking about Prachi and he tells himself that I should propose her today. Then his mother comes there and hears him. Then she tells him that I knew you were going to propose some girl today because I have heard everything.

After that Pallavi tells Ranbir that I know who that girl is, then she also gives a hint to Ranbir and then leaves. But Ranbir feels that Pallavi is talking about Prachi but in reality Pallavi is thinking about Riya.


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