Home tv shows kumkum bhagya written update 24 February 2020: Ranbir threatens Maya

kumkum bhagya written update 24 February 2020: Ranbir threatens Maya


In kumkum bhagya written update Ranveer and Prachi are talking. Then Ranbir tells Prachi that because of me everything is in the problem. My biggest mistake is that I talked to Maya on Lohri night. Then Prachi explains to him and both of them spend an emotional moment, later Prachi runs away from there.

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Prachi then comes out and thinks in her mind that I have fallen in love with Ranveer somewhere. Then later she tells herself that no, I am just doing my duty which his mother has told me to take care of my son.

Abhi is thinking in the car how Maya also has the same necklace that Riya had. Abhishek helps a woman on the way and then that woman blesses Abhishek. Pragya is thinking about Abhishek in the hotel, then she tells herself that I have to find out why you are not talking to me? Why are you angry with me?

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As soon as Abhishek reaches home, he goes to Meera and tells her that you call Riya and Meera does the same. Meera then tells Riya that you come home and Riya walks from the hotel to come home. 

Ranveer is sitting in the room of Maya, then as soon as Maya comes there, Ranveer scolds Maya a lot. And says that you have ruined my life, you tell me what I did wrong with you and he scolds Maya a lot. Ranbir then threatens Maya that if you have not told me the name of that girl, who have helped you in this, then I will cancel your engagement.

kumkum bhagya written update 18 February 2020

As soon as Riya starts leaving for her house, then she encounters Prachi on the way. Riya and Prachi then start fighting with each other about Ranbir. Then after that Riya gets a call from home, after seeing the call, Riya scolds Prachi and says that our talk is not over yet. 

I will see you soon and then she leaves for home. Seeing the same fight, Sahana goes to Prachi and says that the way you were expressing your right to Ranbir. It seems that love has fallen between you two. Prachi then says that I do not talk to you because of hearing these things of yours.




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