kumkum bhagya written update 3 March 2020: Ria scolds Prachi


In kumkum bhagya written update Ranveer and the rest of the Kohli family are joking around. Then after that Maya and her family come there and then Maya’s father says that today my PA got a call from a senior officer. 

Then he threatens those people by giving someone else’s example that the same thing can happen to you as with that family. Then he goes away from there, saying all this. 

kumkum bhagya written update 2 March 2020

After that Pallavi and Riya scold Prachi a lot as to why you made such a poor plan that got caught Ranveer in a bigger problem. Vikram then tells Prachi that you go to the office and tells Ranveer that you too go to the office with Prachi.

Prachi ignores Ranbir in the office, then Ranvir grabs Prachi’s hand. And tells her that you tell me the truth, why are you ignoring me. Vikram’s mother is thinking about both of them after listening to Pallavi and Riya at home. 

Then she deliberately tries to find out what is going on in Pallavi’s mind. And tells her that Riya is so mad that she scolds Prachi so much. Then Pallavi also explains Prachi’s mistake. So Vikram’s mother thinks in her mind that I know what is going on in Pallavi’s mind for Riya and Ranveer.

kumkum bhagya written update 28 February 2020

 After that Ranvir assures Prachi that whatever problem is there in my life is because of me, but in all this, I have found a good friend like you. Maya then thinks in her mind that now she will be married. That now neither Riya can stop it nor Prachi. And after marriage, I will completely erase Prachi from Ranveer’s heart.

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