kumkum bhagya written update 4 March 2020: Sarita’s plan


In kumkum bhagya written update Ranveer and Prachi are talking among themselves. So Prachi asks Ranveer that if you are married to Maya, will you not talk to me? Then Ranveer says in response that are you mad, this will not happen at all, I will never break my friendship with you.

kumkum bhagya written update 3 March 2020

Sahana Pragya and Sarita are talking to each other in the house when Ranveer and Prachi come into the house with a sad face. Then Ranveer and Prachi tell the whole thing to everyone else what has happened? Sarita and everyone else starts thinking of an idea to break Ranveer’s wedding. 

First Sarita says that we should get Maya married to someone else but nobody agrees to them. But the idea that Sarita gives after that is very good. She tells Ranveer that you get married and as soon as you get married to Maya. 

Then the girl with whom you have make fake marriage will come and show all the proofs to everyone else and your marriage will be broken. And then everyone else also considers this plan of Sarita right and starts further work to implement it.

kumkum bhagya written update 2 March 2020

Everyone from the Kohli family is talking about Ranveer. Then Alia calls the lawyer and he comes and watches the video, so he says that if we showed this video in court, then we will be the problem. 

Then after that Ranveer tells everyone else that this relationship will be broken only if Chaubey or his family will break this relationship. Otherwise, I will have to get married, then Ranveer goes away saying this. Alia then tells Vikram that you fix my meeting with Choubey’s senior, I talk to him.

kumkum bhagya written update 28 February 2020

Sarita calls the actress to the house who was supposed to play Ranbir’s fake wife in front of Chaubey and his family. Then Sarita tells the rest to everyone and Ranbir starts flirting with her in front of everyone. So Prachi gets a little angry that Ranveer sees him and says that there is nothing like that. I was just acting because we are going to get married.


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