kumkum bhagya written update 9 March 2020: Ranbir is engaged to Maya


In kumkum bhagya written update, Ranveer and Prachi start convincing the rest of the house that now we are married. First Pallavi does not agree to this, but later Pallavi also accepts Ranbir. And as soon as the Kohli family starts leaving with Prachi, Maya’s father tells everyone that Ranveer will be married only to Maya.

kumkum bhagya written update 6 March 2020

 Then members of NGO come there to stop the engagement. When everyone starts leaving the marriage hall, Maya’s father shouts loudly. And says that you do not understand that you do not have to leave from here.

Then Maya’s mother comes to the room with Maya and says that you break the marriage, we don’t want anyone’s bad words. By then, Maya’s father also comes there and tells Maya’s mother that if you ask, will I agree? 

Now, this thing is coming on my respect and I can tolerate everything. But do not stain my honor, now this marriage will be done at any cost. Sahana is listening to all this and she is very sad to hear all this. 

And she is then going to the side of Ranveer and the rest of the house member’s room to tell this thing. Sahana then tells the rest of the house members that Maya’s father wants this marriage to happen.

kumkum bhagya written update 5 March 2020

Maya’s father then calls everyone else to the hall. And there it says that this marriage is come on my honor. Now this marriage will happen. 

Ranbir and Maya then start fighting amongst themselves and Maya goes and lifts the veil of Prachi, all the people come to know that Prachi is under the veil. 

Maya’s father then gets Ranveer and Maya engaged in front of Ranbir’s housemates and they are unable to do anything.

kumkum bhagya written update 4 March 2020


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