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kundali bhagya 4 January 2020 written update: Prithvi become boss


In kundali bhagya written update Karan comes inside the house, the Prithvi is hidden in the upper rooms. He then wears a mask but only then Karan touches him from behind. So Prithvi understands that it is Karan and then runs away from there. Karan says that it is crazy who ran away after seeing me. Prithvi then thinks in his mind that if I wear this mask, no one will recognize me, especially Sherlyn. So he wears it again only.

Preeta is standing outside thinking that why I am standing here, I should go in and do not know what will happen inside. But as soon as she starts going inside, she remembers Karan talking to her that if you come in, you will swear on me. So Preeta stops there and then she remembers what I am doing standing here. I should call the police, so she starts calling the police.

When those goons are removing the jewelry of all the people, then the Srishti is watching from the side. So a punk sees him and starts running after the Srishti. Srishti runs to the rooms at the top, where she gets Karan. So she tells Karan that now you don’t say that all this is happening because of us too. 

Karan says that I will not say anything like this, then Srishti tells the whole thing to Karan that thieves have entered here and they also have guns. So Karan tells him that you stop here, I go and see. Srishti says that I look like Preeta Didi to any angle. So Karan refuses, Srishti says that I will do opposite what you say. 

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Karan says okay come on, you join me. As soon as they start going, a goon comes there and they hide again. Prithvi also comes there, so he considers Prithvi as his boss and starts calling him Boss Boss. Because he is wearing the mask of his boss. Then the Prithvi entangles that goon and leaves the other side and runs away.

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The goons take Mahira and Karan’s mother and grandmother to the hall and on the other side, Karan and Srishti leave from Preeta’s side. So Preeta calls them and says take me with you too. Srishti asks Preeta what are you doing here, then Preeta says that I am staying here because of this Karan. 

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Because he told me that you stay here, I go in and fix everything. So Srishti tells her that Karan sir said and you stopped. Then Srishti scolds both Preeta and Karan and then Karan takes Preeta inside.Prithvi comes to the hall wearing the mask of a boss and Preeta accidentally locks the real boss inside. Because he went inside to use the bathroom of the room there and Preeta accidentally closes the door from outside.



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